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Hollstein & Hammerstein

We get leadership and sales teams ready for the next level.

We develop people, teams, and organizations.

Hollstein & Hammerstein provide consulting, training, and coaching for executives and sales teams both in person and in an online setting. We provide keynote speeches and facilitate conferences and events.

  • What do people and organizations need to be sustainably successful in times of change?
  • Which competencies and skills are needed to consistently meet current and future challenges?
  • Which development steps are necessary to improve performance?
    What do you need today to still be successful tomorrow?

Our objective is to jointly find answers to these questions with you and your team – individually, cohesively, creatively.


Facilitating change processes and strategic realignment, shaping the future effectively, New Work


Leadership in a hybrid work environment, team development, leadership culture, organizational climate


Success factors in sales, customer-centric orchestration of sales channels


Competent moderation as a key factor for successful events, conferences, and workshops