Consulting & Organizational Development

Solutions for specific challenges.

Consulting is a combination of providing guidance and helping individuals and organizations to help themselves.

Consulting services are always tied to solving a specific challenge. It usually involves optimizing existing processes and structures, and ranges from deliberate guidance to leveraging existing resources and ideas.

Prior to the beginning of a consulting project, there will usually be an initial face-to-face meeting to get to know each other, followed by a comprehensive project clarification discussion between client and consultant.

At times, it may also be helpful or necessary for us to paint our own, more detailed picture of the existing situation and conditions in situ, e.g., by conducting interviews in the affected departments to analyze the situation.

As part of organizational development initiatives, we promote self-development in organizations. For example, we support companies in

  • their purpose development,
  • devising and implementing new business models,
  • shaping the collaboration with internal stakeholders, interfaces, and across all points of contacts.

Organizational Development

Ensuring that people and organizations thrive

Strategy Consulting

Unlocking a professional leadership and coaching culture

Change Management‚Äč

Successfully promoting and jointly implementing change in organizations