In a face-to-face or online format.

Real-world relevancy is the bedrock of our trainings and workshops.

Hollstein & Hammerstein offer leadership training and development programs that significantly enhance executives’ day-to-day work. Our motto is “ingenuity through simplicity”.

Recognizing what is most effective, teaching and training the appropriate methodologies, especially in complex, challenging times, and circumstances. No getting lost in dull theories.

The backbone of our training consists of some initial theoretical input, followed by plenty of hands-on exercises, utilizing personal, real-life management situations. The goal is, for the executive to achieve a higher level of efficiency. To accomplish this, we jointly examine, how the newly acquired skills can be expertly applied in real-life scenarios.

What we bring to the table is our many years of personal experience as executives in organizations and corporations. Further, we use the most impactful tools and findings from the areas of leadership communication, leadership agility, leadership styles and their influence on the working environment. And not to forget our persuasive presentation and facilitation skills.

Frequent topics:

(available in face-to-face or online format)

Situational leadership & leadership styles

Learning about & applying six different leadership styles, to be used situationally, on their own, or in combination. Developing a motivating, performance-enhancing organizational climate in which employees and teams grow and achieve maximum success.

How to communicate effectively as a manager in performance reviews and other meetings with personnel

Choosing, preparing, and successfully conducting the appropriate personnel meeting based on occasion and goal. From feedback meetings to target agreement meetings – different occasions require different types of meetings. Each meeting type requires a particular structure, a clear roadmap, and an appropriate meeting strategy.

Change management – Unlock transformation's true potential

Establish courage and enthusiasm towards innovation in your corporate culture. Examine your own limiting beliefs, foster a willingness for change, and develop new (even digital) skills. What makes it easier for people to transform? Key factors and strategies for a successful change process? Turning resistance into commitment. Live and breathe change – “walk the talk”.

A skillful approach to conflict situations

Managing unexpected, challenging meetings or team situations with confidence, a problem-solving strategy, and with a roadmap on how to either avert a conflict early on, or how to resolve it effectively.

Proactively utilizing diversity in teams

Team diversity – a decisive performance factor (best base studies). Seven factors for a high-performance team. Recognizing and acting on tension. Knowledge Management – implementing a learning culture in your team.

Leadership Agility – Effective leadership in dynamic and complex market environments

Welcome to the “new normal“ – How the VUKA world influences our professional life. New role models in the new working world, top 10 skills in 2025 and their impact on leadership. The top 5 agility boosters and blockers. Agile mindset. Values and workstyles. Achieving agility using co-creation and weekly scrums. Strengthening team innovation through simple but effective creativity techniques.

Delegating with a focus on results

Tips on how to change your leadership mindset to enhance trust in your employees and how to delegate successfully. To lighten your own (operational) load, to be able to maintain focus on your own strategic objectives, and to empower and challenge your employees.

The executive as development coach

Personnel development as a key function of leadership, coaching as a manager – possibilities and limitations, coaching mindset, communication, methodologies.

The executive as a facilitator

Professional facilitation is a core element of successful leadership. Taking on the role of facilitator, leader, trainer, or coach to generate collaborative results quickly and efficiently. Either in 1:1 or in team situations. Agile, deliberate, and capable in ad hoc situations.