Keynote Speeches

Inspirational, fresh ideas for reflection and action.

Interactive, educational, and entertaining insights.

A keynote should be interactive, educational, and entertaining! If you need new forward-looking ideas on the topic of leadership, you’ve come to the right place.

In our keynotes, we share our own extensive experiences as sales executives, external trainers, and consultants in a lively and hands-on way with your event participants. We further provide inspirational, fresh ideas, encouraging you to think outside the box.

Our most popular keynote topics:

Leadership agility – Effective leadership in dynamic and complex markets

From an expert to an agile leader. Levels of agility in leadership. Manage disruption and other complexities as a leader. Reflect on mindset, values, habits and realign your values accordingly.

Employee development at the core of leadership

The impact principle of employee commitment and business success (Gallup, Towers, Watson). The roles of leadership. Leadership styles, trust, and participation. Diversity instead of a one fits all approach.

Team development as a success booster

From a group to a team to a high-performance team. New team research findings. Leverage diversity in teams proactively. Recognize and act on areas of tension. Knowledge management – implement a learning culture in your team.