Reflection, new perspectives, upskilling.

"Taking people from where they are to where they want to be."

Having coached employees for many years, we enjoy a proven track record of sales excellence. Frequently, we are requested as coaches when it comes to supporting change processes, analyzing behavior, and modifying behavioral patterns, clarifying goals, mobilizing personal resources, and developing solutions for individual challenges.

In our work, we emphasize the value of a safe and confidential setting in which coach and client engage in a meaningful and methodical collaboration based on a previously defined objective.

All our coaches hold a recognized coaching credential and have been working successfully on many different assignments over the years. Our methodology is largely based on the principles of systemic coaching.

In addition, we offer the option of holding coaching sessions via Microsoft Teams or another video conferencing software of your choice (e.g., Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, Google Meet / Google Hangouts, GoTo Meetings). Particularly in ongoing coaching processes, this can be a time- and cost-efficient way to ensure that the coaching is successful.