Keynote Speeches

Inspirational, modern content and fresh ideas.

A keynote should be interactive, enlightening, and entertaining!

With our keynotes, we share our many years of experience as sales executives, external trainers, and consultants in a lively and tangible manner with your event participants. Simultaneously, we deliver compelling, modern, thought-provoking content that will makes you pause and think.

If you are looking for fresh impetus and insights on leadership, you’ve come to the right place! We offer interactive, informative, and entertaining content.

Our most popular keynote topics are:

Selling agility – Greater sales success through genuine customer-centricity

How can a seller wow a prospect so profoundly that they truly enjoy purchasing? What are the key elements needed, besides technical expertise? Let us answer these and other questions in an interactive speech with groundbreaking, innovative insights. We will go beyond the well-known and slightly overused success factors like “open questions” or “active listening” etc. “Selling agility” includes actual answers!

Thriving sales in a dynamic environment

To achieve sustainable success in a dynamic environment, people need 3 key skills in addition to traditional soft skills: Enthusiasm, creativity, and a high level of initiative. These skills are innate to everyone, yet people tend to use them in varying degrees, consciously or unconsciously. Injecting fresh momentum, scientific knowledge, and numerous examples of sales excellence, we look to inspire and empower people to use these invaluable skills, specifically for their own professional success.

The future of target audience engagement will (also) be digital

In what way have communication channels evolved over the past two years, and what does this mean for future collaboration with the target audience? WHAT is at stake, WHAT constitutes successful communication strategies, and WHY will everyone benefit? A motivational, interactive boost to generate enthusiasm for exploring new, supplementary avenues of communication.

You can spot a champion at the starting line – Successful product launches

The WHAT, meaning the product details, are well understood. Everything has been prepared. But HOW, and by which sales-communicative means, is the new product convincingly presented and sold within the first 1-3 target group contacts? In this lecture, you will experience how a winning mentality and an engaging communicative strategy can be utilized by your sales department to truly appeal to your customers.