Team Development

For achieving shared success.

We use selective facilitation and training techniques to transform groups into teams.

As (personnel) resources become increasingly scarce, you cannot rely on the fact that a highly complex process, such as team development, occurs intrinsically. It is here where the highest potential for shared success is to be found – or the reason for a lack of success.

  • How does a group become a team?
  • What does it take for a group to develop into a high-performance team?
  • How do you fuel cross-functional collaboration?

After many years of facilitating team development workshops, we are convinced that for all the complexity involved in human interaction, surprisingly few issues need to be resolved to generate quantifiable, or even exceptional results as a team:

  • Is the manager proficiently and actively promoting team development efforts?
  • Are the right people collaborating?
  • What exactly do we want to achieve as a team?
  • How do we want to interact with each other?
  • Who does what – and what not?

Our Approach:

In cooperation with the executive and the team members we determine which of the questions above must be answered. We also jointly take stock:

  • Which existing success factors should be maintained or strengthened?
  • Where specifically do we see room for improvement?
  • In which areas do we want to do engage in further development?

We will transform your group into a team using targeted facilitation and training methods. The newfound clarity and orientation will immediately lead to an improved working environment and climate, resulting in a rapid performance increase in each individual and in the entire team.