Core Team

The Hollstein & Hammerstein core team: trainers & coaches.

Core Team

Elke Strobl-Grässl

Trainer, Coach, Organizational Developer

More than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership at various international pharmaceutical companies. Freelance trainer, coach and organizational developer since 2009. Hollstein & Hammerstein network partner since the very beginning.

Training and coaching sessions with Elke Strobl-Grässl are infused with her positive, enthusiastic attitude. She is able to get to the heart of complex matters in a clear and practical manner. Her training sessions, both for executives and sales staff, are lively, hands-on and characterized by her great dedication: a dedication that moves, inspires and motivates. Due to her in-depth training, she is able to relate to each individual’s personal circumstance while never losing sight of their personal concerns and goals.

Britta Paschen

Communication Trainer and Coach

Britta Paschen is an expert with practical experience in motivational communication training and coaching.

With her enthusiastic personality, she presents complex topics in a well-structured, comprehensible, and coherent manner.

Britta’s many years of valuable sales experience in world-leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies allow her to draw on her unique wealth of experience in hands-on methods and techniques in her training. She believes in the importance of self-reflection, and in helping people to develop and manifest new courses of action.

Core Team
Core Team

Michaela Lückenotto

Business Coach, Trainer and Mediator

Michaela embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and brings a strong background of over 10 years working at her family owned healthcare-related business and more than 13 years of experience as a coach and trainer.

Impactful communication is a topic dear to her heart. Her focus is on her clients’ individual development. With her lively and participatory training style, she shows her participants how to navigate any trend, obstacle, or roadblock to success they may face.

With charming persistence, Michaela Lückenotto supports companies in the healthcare industry as well as medical practices in realizing their goals.

Christiane Eymers

Trainer and Coach, Mediator

Christiane Eymers is a lawyer, mediator, and business coach. For more than 19 years, she has supported people in various industries in change processes and conflict situations.

In her work, she focuses on communication training that will empower participants in their authenticity and their personal effectiveness.

Her training and coaching session are process-oriented, lively, and always focused on personal solutions.

Core Team
Core Team

Hanja Mudersbach

Consultant, Trainer, and Coach

Hanja Mudersbach looks back on many years of experience in personnel and organizational development and has been an independent consultant, trainer, and coach since 2013.

Her clients are mainly companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Her spectrum of expertise includes leadership, communications, and concepts of modern organizational development.

Hanns Landa

Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Even after more than 20 years of freelance work as an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and communication consultant, Hanns Landa has not stopped learning.

New projects, personal encounters and conversations continuously provide him with new professional ideas and motivation which he ties into his impactful work.

By questioning personal beliefs and frames, he triggers reflection and drives his clients to step out of their comfort zone and into a learning zone in which emotional competence plays an important role, in addition to realization and training.

Hanns Landa’s focus is on companies in the healthcare market, IT and media, as well as the areas of music and photography.

Core Team
Core Team

Christiane Hollstein-Theisen

Trainer, Business Coach and Facilitator

Christiane Hollstein held a long-standing managerial marketing position in an international organization in the United States. Independent trainer and coach since 2013.

Her clients appreciate her intuitive radar of working out what it means to be them, in their particular role, navigating increasingly complex systems successfully.

She coaches professionals to move past their challenges. She furthers and trains teams to strengthen collaborative practices, to master a change process, or to improve the execution of a strategic agenda.

Relentlessly results-oriented, her training programs focus on delivering useable tools and accessible strategies that participants of all levels can implement immediately.

Stefanie Fehr-Hoberg

Coach and Trainer for Communication & Leadership, Facilitator

Stefanie Fehr-Hoberg studied communication science, marketing, and psychology. During her studies, she simultaneously worked at Siemens and started her own business as a trainer for communication, taking on projects for various companies.

Her training, coaching, and facilitation are characterized by meticulous preparation and highly targeted programs – leading to participants who are engaged, receptive to the content, and willing to apply what they’ve learned. She is considered a driving force in participant empowerment!

Core Team