Online Training

Leadership & management.

Our training and workshops are hands-on, motivational, and focus on real-world needs.

Our online trainings for different management levels address current and emerging issues in leadership & management.

Our interactive approach to knowledge transfer combines short, refreshing insights with real-world experience.

Collegial case advice on each topic and best practice sharing examples round-off our training sessions. We also devise and facilitate leadership team meetings and development workshops.

Oftentimes, our participants are surprised that online trainings and workshops can be as productive, motivational, and hands-on as they are.

Our online training sessions include both theoretical input and many practical exercises. We train exclusively in small groups and address your individual issues and concerns.

Frequent topics:

(additional topics, covered in trainings/workshops, are also available as online format)

The "new normal" – Contemporary leadership in the wake of the Covid crisis

Leading remotely: A great opportunity to further develop both yourself and others. Proactive use of modern communication channels. Opportunities and challenges of virtual leadership. Conducting employee reviews online, strengthening collaborative qualities. Virtual empathy – communicating effectively online.

Leading digital meetings – Success factors for getting conclusive results and positive feedback

Toolbox online facilitation & presentation: working collaboratively and productively with digital tools, fostering interaction, and mastering visualization, gathering, discussing, and agreeing on ideas, e.g., whiteboards, pinboards, word clouds, mind maps.

Communication and methodologies for working remotely – Self-leadership and self-management

“The busy manager trap”: identifying signs of overacceleration & work overload, detecting stress factors, and exploring solutions. Boosting mindfulness & resilience. Essential strategies for work organization, structuring work schedules. Discovering new collaborative approaches: mind snacks, lunch & learn, espresso workshops, retrospectives.