Online Training

Active workshops and facilitated round-table discussions.

We provide training on common sales topics online and plan and facilitate virtual conferences.

In our online trainings we use a combination of communicative methods and strategies comprised of fresh insights and real-world examples. With interactive workshops and facilitated roundtable sessions, we create a positive and entertaining learning and working environment.

Collegial case advice on specific topics and best practice sharing round off our training sessions. Often our participants are pleasantly surprised that online trainings can be so constructive, motivational, and useful.

Frequent topics:

(additional topics from trainings/workshops are also available in online format)

Digital customer meetings – Staying in touch with ease

Make effective use of modern sales channels, positive mindset, motivate and engage customers, positioning products, customer service and consulting activities with precision.

Effective communication on the phone

Establish and strengthen customer contacts, regard customer calls as opportunities and leverage them, engage in compelling and winning conversations.

Digital transformation as a sales opportunity

The force of habit, the courage to try something new, agility, working in and with network structures, the trajectory of development – keeping up with the pace of change in the customer's world.

Facilitation of online customer events

Methodologies for a winning online event. The role of the facilitator. Gaining the interest of participants. Facilitating roundtable talks. Managing critical statements and technical challenges with ease.

The partnership check-in meeting

Embarking on the “new normal” with your customer, a special opportunity for customer engagement, strategic communication & advice.

Sales 4.0: The "new normal" in customer contact

Actively exploiting digital opportunities in sales – how can it be done successfully? We have gained an unbiased yet informed perspective on current realities and have developed a training concept for a modern sales force, across a wide range of consulting, training, and coaching projects.

Setup & Process

For instance, a training setting consists of the three modules: introduction, workshop, and best practice sharing.

Online Training

Supporting Material

To supplement the online training, each of our participants receives a pre-read and a summary e-book.

Online Training